Vivaristat is a wireless environmental monitoring system that enables you to monitor your facilities 24 hours a day. Continuous temperature, relative humidity, and light level measurements in each room provide greater detail than paper records. Real-time alerts and customized reports let you know about excursions before they become a problem.

Small Sensors

Our wireless sensors measure less than 2 inches square and can be placed almost anywhere in your facility. Using our patented Roll-Call™ wireless technology, they can provide continuous monitoring for 8 years before needing to be replaced.

Application Dashboard

The dashboard lets you see your entire operation at a glance. Facilities with environmental excursions are highlighted and brought to your attention immediately.

Alerts and Reports

Vivaristat wireless sensors report back to the cloud whenever ambient conditions change. Not only does that allow for timely alerts, but also for easy access for historical data.

Protect Your Research

You have a significant investment in your lab animals. Vivaristat sensors continuously monitor temperature, humidity, and light levels 24 hours a day.